Here are 10 reasons why your company shouldn’t print business cards in Mexico

There’s no secret that printing in Mexico is a lot cheaper than printing in the U.S. However, is printing there really worth it? We’ll take a look at 10 reasons why you shouldn’t print your business cards in Mexico and choose instead to do so in the United States.

Why Your Company Shouldn’t Print Business Cards in Mexico

Costs are higher

The cost of printing and shipping can make it quite expensive to have business cards printed in Mexico. This may result in your company spending more money than necessary, especially if they print cards in several currencies. Additionally, special designs or extras may be subject to additional charges, which can dramatically increase the cost of printing cards in Mexico.

There is a limited supply

It can be difficult to locate Mexican business cards elsewhere in the world since many are printed only in Spanish. If your business specializes in serving customers from other countries, it may be difficult to gain exposure without having business cards printed in other languages as well. Furthermore, many printers in Mexico only print standard-sized cards, which may not be suitable for all businesses.

The risk of card theft increases

Due to the increased number of potential targets and thieves, printing business cards in Mexico increases the risk of card theft. The employees of businesses that print their cards locally are also at greater risk, since they often have access to them outside of work hours. Because thieves are less likely to recognize the importance and value of business cards, they may be more likely to steal them from businesses with high employee turnover rates.

The limited customization capabilities offered by Mexican printers prevent businesses from getting optimal branding benefits from printing their own business cards.

What are the benefits of buying business cards from us?

A number of reasons exist why your company should not print its business cards in Mexico. First of all, the quality of printing there is often inconsistent and can be poor. Second, it is expensive to produce business cards in Mexico – so your company will have to pay a premium. Lastly, Mexican printers are often unlicensed and untrustworthy, making it difficult to track down any issues or problems that may arise with your card printing.

It is much cheaper for your company to print business cards in the United States or Europe than in the rest of the world. You’ll not only save money on card printing costs, but you’ll be ensuring that you’re working with a trusted source that is licensed and certified as well. We recommend investing in high-quality business cards from one of our certified U.S. or European printers if you’re looking to take your business card printing to the next level.

Here’s what you get when you order business cards from us

There are 5 reasons why your business should reconsider printing business cards in Mexico if you’re like most companies.

There is a lack of quality printing services available in Mexico

The printing services available in Mexico are of high quality, but not all of them are the same. Sometimes the quality of prints may be poor and the results may not be as satisfactory as you had hoped. If you want high-quality prints that will last for a long time, this is especially true.

Materials can be difficult to obtain and expensive

Additionally, materials can be hard to find and expensive compared to other print suppliers around the world, which can lead to significant costs if you need large quantities or if you need them quickly.

Shipping and customs costs can increase

Shipping and customs can add significant costs to the equation if you need to send large quantities of prints or products across the globe. It’s not always an issue if your products are small enough to fit into a single box or container, but if your products require more than one box or package or are bulky and require special handling during shipping, it can become more expensive.

Printing your business cards will make them look outdated.

Mexico Printing Services

First of all, the quality of printing in Mexico can be inconsistent, which is why your business should not print its business cards there. Also, the cost of printing in Mexico is often much higher than in other countries, leading to negative customer reactions. Additionally, there is a high risk of misprints and errors occurring, which could result in negative customer reactions. In addition, Mexican printers are not always capable of handling large print jobs.

In conclusion

Those reasons are why you might want to consider printing your business cards in another country instead of the expensive and inconsistent Mexico. You could also look into countries like China, Thailand, or even The Netherlands if you’re looking for lower-cost solutions.

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