NMSU Students Can Find The Right Student Housing At The Verge Apartments in Las Cruces

Students at NMSU may find it hard to find an affordable, convenient place to live. But don’t fret, The Verge Apartments in Las Cruces are the perfect solution! Just a short distance from campus, The Vergeā€¦

Look no further than The Verge for student housing in Las Cruces, New Mexico. This affordable and convenient option is perfect for NMSU students.

Check out The Verge Apartments if you’re an NMSU student looking for a great place to live while you attend college! Students will love these apartments because they’re just a short distance from campus, and they come with everything they need to get started.

How do The Verge Apartments work?

The Verge Apartments are perfect student housing options for NMSU students. Located in Las Cruces, NM, the apartments offer easy access to campus and plenty of amenities to make your stay comfortable, including a pool and fitness center. Additionally, the apartments are pet-friendly, so you can bring your furry friend along with you. Plus, the property offers a variety of on-site amenities, including a game room and library. If you’re looking for a safe and convenient place to stay while you’re attending NMSU, the Verge Apartments are the perfect option for you.

Students looking for affordable student housing at NMSU will find The Verge Apartments to be an excellent choice. In downtown Las Cruces, the apartments feature laundry facilities, on-site parking, and a secure building entrance, as well as all the amenities and conveniences a student needs. In addition to being close to NMSU’s popular dining options and entertainment venues, the Verge Apartments make the perfect place to call home.

NMSU students will find The Verge Apartments to be an excellent choice for student housing. In addition to being close to the school, the apartments are very affordable and come with free parking and Wi-Fi. They offer a variety of activities and events to help students make new friends and the staff is friendly and welcoming.

Student apartment homes at The Verge

Welcome to The Verge Apartments! Our apartments are close to campus, and come with all the amenities you need to feel right at home while attending school. Our Resident Assistant staff is here to help you get started in your new academic environment, and our on-site laundry facilities make it easy for you to stay clean and tidy. Our spacious floor plans and professional design will make you feel right at home from the moment you walk through our doors. So come check us out today, and find out why The Verge is the perfect place to call home while attending NMSU!

Accessibility and location

NMSU students will love The Verge Apartments. Located in downtown Las Cruces, these apartments provide easy access to campus and all the city’s amenities. In addition to being just a short walk away from several shopping and dining options, several privately-owned apartments are also available within walking distance. Whatever your needs, The Verge has you covered.

Student housing at The Verge Apartments in Las Cruces, New Mexico is the ideal option for NMSU students. In addition to being located near the campus, these apartments are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Moreover, The Verge Apartments offer exceptional value for money, making them an ideal choice for anyone looking for quality accommodation at an affordable price.

Options for pricing and deposits

Options for pricing and deposits:

Students at New Mexico State University have a variety of options for pricing and deposits at The Verge Apartments. The Verge offers monthly, quarterly, six-month, and yearly leases. The Verge offers a range of rental rates ranging from $768 to $1,468 per month, with no deposit required. You can also purchase your lease agreement outright. By purchasing your lease agreement, you will receive all future updates and promotions that The Verge has to offer.

Lease Term Monthly Lease Length Quarterly Lease Length Six-Month Lease Length Yearly Lease Length 1 year $768 $144 $288 3 years $1,408 $288 4 years $1,944 $384 5 years* $2,688*

Options for pricing and deposits

If you’re looking for affordable student housing in Las Cruces, look no further than The Verge Apartments! Our apartments are ideal for New Mexico State University students, since they’re just a short walk from the campus. Plus, our prices are very affordable, making us an excellent choice for students on a tight budget.

Our availability is one of the best things about The Verge Apartments. We have units available year-round, so you can always find what you’re looking for. If you need to put down a deposit, we don’t mind! In appreciation of your time, we’ll even give you a $50 credit toward your first month’s rent.

Check out The Verge Apartments if you’re looking for an affordable place to live or just want to explore some new options in Las Cruces.

The online registration and move-in process

If you’re looking for an affordable student housing option in Las Cruces, The Verge Apartments will suit you perfectly! These apartments are located right on NMSU’s campus and are just a few steps away from all the school’s amenities. Furthermore, they are equipped with all the modern amenities students today demand, such as Wi-Fi and cable TV.

A few other great features set The Verge Apartments apart from other student housing options include a move-in process that is much simpler than most other complexes. At The Verge, you can usually expect to receive your key within a few days of applying, unlike many other places where you’ll have to wait weeks or even months.

You can’t go wrong with The Verge Apartments if you’re looking for an affordable option with all the essentials!

At The Verge Apartments in Las Cruces, New Mexico, you’ll find well-maintained and spacious apartment homes that are ideal for NMSU students. Our online registration process makes the move-in process easy and hassle-free. After registering and submitting your application, we will contact you to schedule a tour of our property. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

The Verge hosts a variety of community events and activities

You’re looking for a place to live while attending New Mexico State University? We have everything you need, including on-site amenities and a great location in Las Cruces. We also host a variety of community events and activities, which are ideal for students who want to be close to campus and the city’s attractions.

  • Spring Fling: This event takes place in early April and features a variety of fun activities for all ages.

The first Friday of every month is movie night at our community theater. Bring your friends, family, or co-workers and enjoy some popcorn.

On the third Wednesday of every month, join us for karaoke night! Grab your friends and sing your heart out. We’ll have drinks and snacks available.

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